ACHRM April Newsletter: 7 Employer Healthcare Cost Containment Initiatives

The Association for Corporate Health Risk Management (ACHRM) is a National membership based organization composed of over 1,000 progressive employers ranging from less than 100 to over 30,000 employees, national thought leaders and innovative solution providers across ten chapters. [make “ten chapters” a clickable link}

Our Mission:
To provide employers leading-edge healthcare cost containment strategies through implementation groups, workshops, webinars, and other initiatives.

ACHRM’s 2016 Strategy Enhancements:

Develop Resource for Action-Ready Employers and form New Executive Teams.

Total Worker Health: Effective Solutions and Data Analytics [Read more]
Direct Contracting/Domestic Medical Travel [Read more]
Pharmacy Benefits Management/PBM White Paper [Read more]
International Medical Travel [Read more]
Not for Profit and Foundations [Read more]
Public Entities [Read more]
CFO Roundtables [Read more]

Expand Education/Solution Delivery Vehicles
Increase webinars
Develop more case studies/white papers

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