Trumpcare vs Obamacare Impacts on Employers

Mission: To provide updates and strategies for employers as Obamacare matures and Trumpcare/ Repeal & Replace gets initiated.
Co-Chairs: Mike Merola, Winning Strategies Washington, D.C. Read more Posted in Case StudiesLeave a comment

Optimizing Rx Strategy & Demystifying Pharmacy Benefits Management

Mission: Provide employers better understanding of and demystifyPharmacy Benefit Management (PBM).  Offer more effective methods of managing and optimizing their Rx utilization and costs.
Co-Chairs: Rob Shelley, Gateway

Healthcare Cost Containment Challenges of Not For Profit (NFP) / Foundations

Mission: Identify the unique Healthcare cost containment and health risk management challenges that NFP/Foundations entities face and develop solutions.Obamacare and resulting higher costs has put many of these organizations

Onsite / Nearsite Health Clinics

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Mission: Provide Employers an overview of the benefits and complexities of onsite / near site clinics.
Co-Chairs: Flip Steinour, Lancaster Lebanon Intermediate Unit #13 TBA