Direct to Employer Contracting

Mission: Because healthcare is not a free market in the US where the buyer and seller of services know the price at the

Total Worker Health & Data Analytics®: Effective Solutions and Data Analytics Executive Team

Mission: Identify best in class methods for implementing and advancing employer Total Worker Health®. Evaluate Data Analytic tools to assist with tracking and managing employee TWH®.
Co-Chairs: Kathy

Educating & Engaging the CFO

Mission: To more effectively connect with CFOs and Financial Professionals, CFO Roundtables offer interactive Boardroom type format limited to +/-20 attendees. Will involve the CFO’s advisory team, including accountants/auditors, investment/commercial bankers,

Unique Healthcare Risk Management Needs of Public Entities

Mission: To identify the unique health risk management needs of Municipalities, Labor Unions, School Districts, Colleges/Universities, and other Public Entities, and develop strategies to assist these organizations in containing their healthcare

Optimizing Rx Strategy & Demystifying Pharmacy Benefits Management

Mission: Offer a unique, turn-key Pharmacy benefit solution, built on the ACHRM mission of market disaggregation for the purpose of greater market management and control over the pharmacy benefit

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