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• Vast majority of employers still rely in part or entirely on their health insurance broker / consultant, but many of these professionals do not fully understand available solutions for their clients to reduce or contain their healthcare expenses.
• Many employers, specifically CEOs and CFOs, do not trust their health insurance broker / consultant, primarily as a result of the advisor’s compensation model.

DATE/TIME: TBA (Coming in 2020)


• Create a collaborative forum offering the health insurance broker-consultant community do not fully understand or are seeking new solutions for their clients leveraging ACHRM’s employer education and solution development efforts, including over 200 events, white papers, pilots, case studies and other experiences.
• Offer discussions to assist the broker-consultant with becoming more effective trusted advisors.
• Provide education and case studies leveraging the Association's Nine Healthcare Cost Containment and Health Risk Management Strategies.

50 forward thinking health insurance brokers/consultants

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For more information contact Kayne Kleinpeter at [email protected]