Executive Team Overview:

Launched as a result of ACHRM's 2016 Annual Strategic Planning Session (Jan 2016), we began launching our new Executive Teams to advance the development of solutions to assist Employer's with containing healthcare costs and better managing their health risks.

  • Two Co-Chairs, who can work together to organize meetings, develop projects, and report at monthly ACHRM Board of Advisor meetings.
  • Members of the Team are a mix of Employers, Solution Providers, Brokers/Consultants, and Strategic Partners.
  • Projects are typically ground-breaking, unique projects which begin discussions.
  • While each Team works independently from other Teams, we've had several circumstances where Teams will collaborate on a common issue.

Current Executive Teams / Co-Chairs:

  1. Direct to Employer Contracting - Mary Seery / Elizabeth Litten
  2. Total Worker Health & Data Analytics - Kathy Brady / Barbara Fahmy
  3. Educating & Engaging the CFO - Bill Lacy / Curry Willix
  4. Unique Healthcare Risk Management Needs of Public Entities - George Kelly / Flip Steinour
  5. Optimizing Rx Strategy & Demystifying Pharmacy Benefits Management - Rob Shelley / TBA
  6. Alternative Solutions to Traditional PPO’s (Optimizing Your Self-Funded Strategy/Transitioning from Fully-Insured to Self-Funding) - David West / TBA
  7. Healthcare cost containment challenges of NFP/Foundations - Felicia Smith / Pamela Autrey
  8. Employer Onsite / Near Site Health Clinics - Flip Steinour / TBA
  9. Broker / Consultant Membership Recruitment Committee - David West / Bob Carlson
  10. Trumpcare vs. Obamacare Benefits for Employers - Mike Merola / Elizabeth Litten