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Benefits Quarterly Publication Vol. 38 includes two ACHRM articles:
1. Pg 8 Improving Pharmacy Benefits Strategy to Reduce Costs and Risk-
Dawn Holcombe / DGH

2. Pg 20 Prescription Digital Therapeutics: A Treatment Tool for Substance Use Disorder and Other Diagnoses-
Barbara Fahmy / ClearLight Writing and Editing Services

Baltimore County Efficiency Report has been released! The county could save 88-146M enacting proposed initiatives. ACHRM along with our sponsor partners assisted Public Works, LLC with the Healthcare Cost Savings portion using our Healthcare Cost Containment Strategies. The Healthcare section can be found on pages 121-135 of the 446-page report!

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What is a PBM Reverse Auction and How Does It Work?

A PBM (Pharmacy Benefit Manager) reverse auction is a competitive, transparent bidding process that a state uses to select an entity to manage the state’s prescription drug program.   Agencies select PBMs without any real understanding of prescription drug costs or have any way to compare them. This absence of transparent price-based competition allows PBMs to make high profits. 

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