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 ACHRMs 10th Annual Executive Planning Summit (Virtual)
January 20, 2022
We will be presenting the results during our next 
Board of Advisors Meeting
February 8, 2022


The Association for Corporate Health Risk Management


ACHRM has adapted, pivoted and executed a modified model amidst the many challenges and opportunities in today’s crisis and economy.  Our employer members are calling our new model their “lifeline” as ACHRM works diligently to bring them innovative solutions to their healthcare model needs now, as well as offering tools and solutions in preparation for the coming months as our economy shifts to a “new normal”.    

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What is a PBM Reverse Auction and How Does It Work?

A PBM (Pharmacy Benefit Manager) reverse auction is a competitive, transparent bidding process that a state uses to select an entity to manage the state’s prescription drug program.   Agencies select PBMs without any real understanding of prescription drug costs or have any way to compare them. This absence of transparent price-based competition allows PBMs to make high profits. 

Interested in learning more?  Request a copy of our recent white paper here.

Our CEO, Bill Lacy brings managerial finance through innovative course sessions for his MBA students!

Shark Tank 101: Bill Lacy Brings Finance to Life for MBA Students | Pfeiffer



WAYNE SEYBOLD, ACHRM member and former three-term Mayor of the City of Marion (Indiana), encourages all municipalities, small and large, to take stronger steps in implementing healthcare cost containment strategies to reduce this budget burden.  Wayne shared his implementation process and results during ACHRM's recent National Roundtable event in December, 2020.  Listen to Wayne's testimonial here and read more about his successes in our recently published case study...

ACHRM's Broker Webinar Series

 ACHRM's Small Employer 2021 Monthly Webinar

ACHRM's Three Part Webinar Series: Demystifying Self-Insurance!

What Are the Fundamental Components of a Fully-Insured and Self-Insured BUCA Plan?

How An Independent TPA Enables Our Organization To Do All This?

Taking the Fear Out of Stop Loss!
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ACHRM Oncology Follow Up Brainstorming Mini-Roundtable

To support the many questions and to develop ways to move forward following ACHRMs previous Oncology roundtables. ACHRM will address questions / discussion points, recap and next steps, in the several weeks ahead.

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"Coffee in the Clouds" podcast with Bill Lacy, ACHRM CEO





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    • [In development] Arming The CFO-CHRO with Tools, Resources, and Strategies to Sell His/Her CEO on Healthcare Cost Containment and Health Risk Management Strategies during today’s Crisis
    • [Published March 22, 2020] CHROS and CFOs: Four Lessons for Post Pandemic Preparation (Collaborative article, Dr. Jacki Wisler, Pfieffer University (Charlotte Chapter) Log in to your member portal to access! 
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