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"Coffee in the Clouds" podcast with Bill Lacy, ACHRM CEO


Baltimore County Efficiency Report has been released! The county could save 88-146M enacting proposed initiatives. ACHRM along with our sponsor partners assisted Public Works, LLC with the Healthcare Cost Savings portion using our Healthcare Cost Containment Strategies. The Healthcare section can be found on pages 121-135 of the 446-page report!

ACHRM seeks a Membership Growth professional to communicate with current members, sponsors, Engage 
in a relationship- building role with prospective members and future sponsors through Outreach, Networking, Recruitment! 
Will manage membership database leveraging ACHRM's IT system, workshops and event planning,   Other connectivity Opportunities 
With room To grow!!

Send cover and resume to ACHRM CEO, Bill Lacy
[email protected]

Shout out to ACHRM member spotlight Stephanie Koch, Hendry Marine
A ship repair company fixes its broken health plan!
Better benefits 1.5 million in savings since 2019

Watch the 360 video here

ACHRM's Continued PBM 201 Series Webinar
September 29, 2022


All CEO, CFO, CHRO and other employer healthcare risk managers should attend for updates
from our PBM 101, learn opportunities to "carve off" your organization's PBM and more  
effectively manage drug spend. Explore specialty drug management strategies!


Join ACHRM and Hendry Marine for our Employer Webinar Series
Hendry Marine will discuss their new mobile clinic and 
other health risk management strategies!

September 20, 2022


ACHRM & US-Rx Care
In ACHRMs continued efforts to assist self-insured K-12 Public Schools to more effectively manage their health risks and healthcare costs, we are excited to offer a unique opportunity to manage pharmacy benefit spend. If you choose to join the ACHRM project, we plan to capture and report project participants' process and results to assist other employers across the US.

ACHRM has negotiated a preferred agreement with US-Rx Care to provide its highly regarded and proprietary pharmacy risk management services at discounted rates to ACHRM members. We plan to leverage the project results to lay foundation for ACHRM educational events. This opportunity is available for a limited number of participants on a first come first serve basis

To learn more please reach out to
[email protected]

ACHRM DPC-Cancer Pilot Launch
Identify, Build, Enhance, Explore, Leverage, Define, Develop and so much more!
We're off to a great start! Stay tuned for follow up meetings and developments!

Digital Care Educational Series and Search Committees Continuation

Offer employers a better understanding of the rapidly expanding Digital Care industry, including defining these new sets of tools, how they work, strengths / weaknesses, ACHRM's segmentation and vendor vetting process, features / benefits of ACHRM's Sponsor Partners

ACHRM - MIGRAINE Collaborative Working Group Meeting Future Pilot!

Stay tune for future updates!

Define migraine causes, identify studies and other resources assessing workforce productivity, Explore drug PDT, DT and other treatments and remedies. Workgroup prospects, including employers, consultants, PBM/PBM consultants, vendors, strategic partners and other beneficiaries.


What is a PBM Reverse Auction and How Does It Work?

A PBM (Pharmacy Benefit Manager) reverse auction is a competitive, transparent bidding process that a state uses to select an entity to manage the state’s prescription drug program.   Agencies select PBMs without any real understanding of prescription drug costs or have any way to compare them. This absence of transparent price-based competition allows PBMs to make high profits. 

Interested in learning more?  Request a copy of our recent white paper here.

Our CEO, Bill Lacy brings managerial finance through innovative course sessions for his MBA students!

Shark Tank 101: Bill Lacy Brings Finance to Life for MBA Students | Pfeiffer



WAYNE SEYBOLD, ACHRM member and former three-term Mayor of the City of Marion (Indiana), encourages all municipalities, small and large, to take stronger steps in implementing healthcare cost containment strategies to reduce this budget burden.  Wayne shared his implementation process and results during ACHRM's recent National Roundtable event in December, 2020.  Listen to Wayne's testimonial here and read more about his successes in our recently published case study...

 Join our employer members who are saving on healthcare costs by implementing one or more of these Healthcare Cost Containment Strategies!  Which pathway is best for your organization?



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