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ACHRM's New Value Proposition Model

We’re not just talking about the problems, we’re developing solutions! 
 Our platform provides direct support to your organization through:
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ACHRM's Data Analytics Pilot

Are you struggling to use your organization's healthcare data to make decisions and implement effective strategies?  ACHRM’s Total Worker Health and Data Analytics Executive Team can help!  myCatalyst, Inc. is our disruptive, viable Data Analytics National Sponsor Partner empowering Employers -- for the first time – to understand their population, prioritize efforts, and take charge of health plans and costs.  Employers are using the data tool to support decisions and strategy development to assist C-suites and HR Directors while providing CFOs with defendable ROI and other shortcomings.

The new tool and functionality developed during our Pilot will not only benefit your organization, but also enable you to collaborate with employers throughout the country.  We believe this tool will be a valuable addition to your organization's strategic planning and budgeting process.  You may continue to use your current analytics system while participating in our Pilot. 

Because this Pilot will lay the foundation for our data analytic solution and educational efforts across ACHRM’s community, we are limiting our Pilot to five (5) organizations and encourage you to contact us as soon as possible if you are interested.

 ACHRM's CEO-CFO White Paper Project

Executive Teams

ACHRM's Executive Teams are made up of a consortium of forward thinking employers, solution providers, consultants and others who meet to develop and advance pilots, case studies, white papers and other initiatives in an effort to develop solutions for employer challenges. 

In an effort to assist action-ready employers, which are seeking assistance implementing or advancing various Strategic Initiatives discussed during ACHRM’s events, ACHRM has assembled teams of employers, national thought leaders, solution providers, brokers/consultants, and other advisors who meet on a periodic basis (Executive Teams) to advance ACHRM'S following Strategic Initiatives:

2019 Executive Teams:

1.  Employer / Provider Partnerships (includes: Captive – Consortiums and Onsite-Nearsite Employer Clinics)
2.  Total Worker Health & Data Analytics®
3.  Educating & Engaging the CEO 
4.  Telemedicine 
5.  Demystifying PBM & Optimizing your Rx Strategy
6.  Healthcare Cost Containment Strategies for Municipalities and Schools (includes not-for-profits (NFP) and foundations)
7.  Consultant Membership Committee



2019 Year In Review:  ACHRM's Top Developments