ACHRM Sponsorships


To provide employers leading-edge healthcare cost containment strategies in a collaborative Think Tank environment offering workshops, roundtables, webinars, pilots, case studies, along with strategic initiative teams to advance the development and implementation of innovative methodologies. 


The Association for Corporate Health Risk Management (ACHRM) Members are predominantly professionals who are responsible for managing health risks and containing healthcare costs for their organizations (for-profit, not-for-profit, foundations, and public entities) ranging in size up to 30,000 employees or members. These professionals include CEOs, CFOs, COOs, HR Directors, Risk/Benefit Managers, Wellness Directors, Medical Directors, Informatics, Safety / Facilities Mangers, among other professionals.

In addition to our employers, ACHRM’s community includes best-in-class, disruptive solution providers, national thought leaders, and leading-edge health insurance consultants, and medical travel facilitators.  These memberships and sponsorships are only granted on a select basis.

ACHRM also values relationships with other membership based organizations and trade associations.  ACHRM has offered panels and other collaborative efforts at conferences and other events.  These groups have also participated in ACHRM’s Strategic Initiatives.

ACHRM Sponsorship:

ACHRM’s Sponsor Partners bring new ideas, strategies, education, research and other collaborative benefits to our community. To ensure the integrity of ACHRM’s Mission and to provide benefits to our employer members, ACHRM’s Sponsorships are limited to one firm per industry vertical. To ensure a win-win strategic partnership between the Sponsor Partner and ACHRM’s community, the Sponsorship acceptance is based upon completion of this Application as well as interviews with ACHRM’s team and a presentation to ACHRM’s Board of Advisors. See more details below.

Sponsorship Benefits:

  1. Annual term to build relationships with ACHRM community
  2. Exclusive to sponsor’s industry
  3. Participate in ACHRM Workshops as panelists, industry experts, etc.
  4. Provide content expertise to ACHRM’s community
  5. Incubate new employer business models:
    1. Participate in Roundtable/Strategy Session (bringing together select employers, brokers, Board of Advisors, and Sponsor Partners to develop business model, and to assist in developing more effective messaging and marketing strategy to connect with employers
    2. Based upon the Roundtable results, possibly pursue the following:
      1. White Paper / Employer Pilots / Strategic Initiatives
      2. Workshops and/or Collaborative Solution Sessions
      3. Webinars
      4. Other
  1. Connect with senior health risk management decision makers.
  2. Newsletters, email blasts and other correspondence to ACHRM’s contact database (over 15,000 professionals).
  3. Participate in ACHRM’s Monthly Board of Advisors Meetings, Annual Strategic Planning Session, Executive Teams/Strategic Initiatives, among other efforts.

Executive/ Strategic Initiative Teams:

In an effort to assist action-ready employers, which are seeking assistance implementing or advancing various Strategic Initiatives discussed during ACHRM’s events, ACHRM has assembled teams of employers, national thought leaders, solution providers, brokers/consultants, and other advisors who meet on a periodic basis (Executive Teams) to advance the following Strategic Initiatives:

  1. Total Worker Health and Data Analytics
  2. Direct to Employer Contracting
  3. Optimizing Rx strategy and demystifying Pharmacy Benefits Management (PBM)
  4. Unique Health Risk Management Needs of Public Entities
  5. Healthcare Cost Containment Challenges of Not for Profits and Foundations
  6. Educating and engaging the CFO and other financial professionals
  7. Alternative solutions to the traditional PPO Model
  8. Broker/Consultant Membership committee

Market Outreach / Chapters:

ACHRM is growing rapidly across the US. However, to most efficiently create a venue for collaboration, ACHRM has organized regional Chapters, which enable employers an opportunity to meet with their peers and collaborate on local health risk management issues. Since launching its first Chapter in June 2012, ACHRM has several hundred professionals in its community and anticipates offering 50 events during 2017 across a wide range of regional markets, including Philadelphia, Dallas/Ft. Worth, Washington, D.C., Tampa, Pittsburgh, Hartford, Atlanta, Denver, among many others.

Financial Commitment:

  • $20,000 – Chapter Level
  • $40,000 – National
    Commitment upon Sponsorship application submission
    (Rates effective from 1/1/16)

ACHRM Sponsorships are limited to employers having between 100 and +/- 20,000 employees. Sponsorship includes the designation by Corporation up to three (3) individuals who will serve as Members representing Corporation each year, and includes attendance to meetings for up to six (6) individuals.

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