May 14-15, 2020
PENN Medicine
Philadelphia, PA


Please submit your comprehensive session abstract proposal(s) in advance to be considered for inclusion in this year's agenda.   


TWO Days
SEVEN Panels
TWO Collaborative Roundtables...
We are seeking panelists to provide specific experiences, including the challenge faced, the solution implemented, the results generated, and the outcomes or what was learned.
The Conference will offer SEVEN moderated panels in two days with a Collaborative Roundtable each day, where panelists and attendees can expect opportunities for discussion with employers and experts, strategic planning, and development of take-home action steps.  
Our SEVEN moderated panels will consist of one or two school and municipality professionals with experience and case-studies related to subject matter plus a consultant and solution provider.   

The Association of Corporate Health Risk Management's (ACHRM) Collaborative Conference for municipalities and schools will be held in Philadelphia in partnership with PENN Medicine.  This is a unique conference, offering effective healthcare cost containment strategies and providing the fundamentals to innovative health risk management strategies for reducing costs benefiting schools and municipalities. 

Because Cities, Towns, School leaders and Board Members / decision makers face unique challenges in developing and implementing healthcare cost containment strategies as compared to other organizations, this Conference will offer a variety of critical discussions. 


ACHRM will offer complimentary registration only.

Panelists will also be invited to participate in related events leading up to the Conference including Roundtables, Webinars, and connectivity and engagement calls.


Session Topics: 

1.  Comparing and Contrasting Two Pathways to Self-Funding

2.  How to Manage High Cost Procedures

3.  Employer-Provider Partnerships

4.  Direct Contracting; Onsite/Nearsite Employer Clinics

5.  How to Educate and Engage Your CEO-CFO

6.  Your Total Worker Health Needs

7.  Data Analytics


ACHRM is a National Membership Based Organization, launched in 2012, comprised of...
o  Progressive Thinking Small to Middle Market Employers from less 100 to +/- 35,000 employees.
o  Innovative individual brokers, consultants, and facilitators throughout US
o  Best in Class Sponsor Partners (One per industry vertical)
Our Mission...
To support and empower employers with innovative strategies to more effectively manage your health risks and reduce healthcare costs through a collaborative Think Tank environment via education, executive team workgroups, and employer empowerment assessment and implementation resources.
•ACHRM offers employer members…
o  Opportunities to learn from other Employer experiences and success stories
o  Education and innovative solution development and collaboration via roundtables, workshops, webinars, conferences, Executive Team projects, and other initiatives
o  Employer Empowering Strategic Assessment to assess and provide recommendations addressing your specific risks
o  Menu of Solutions enabling you to implement innovative strategies on your own
o  Implementation Services for members who are seeking a turn-key approach 




For questions, please contact Kayne Daigle Kleinpeter, ACHRM Membership Coordinator, at [email protected]  Please allow two business days for a response.