Engaging & Educating the CFO

Mission: To more effectively connect with CFOs and other Financial Professionals, ACHRM’s CFO-HR Roundtables offer an interactive Boardroom type format limited to +/-20 attendees.  Will involve the CFO’s advisory team, including accountants/auditors, investment/commercial bankers, attorneys, etc.  The format has expanded to include the tag-teaming of both the CFO and HR professional.
Co-Chairs: Bill Lacy, ACHRM
Curry Willix, Medical Travel Option / CIMA Hospital System
Last / Next Meeting: September 13, 2017
Team: Josh Ayers, BDO
Special Projects or
other efforts:
  •  Published ACHRM-BDO Article, "CFOs, Are You Asking the Right Questions Regarding Healthcare Cost Containment?" Drawing from results of dozens of CFO Roundtables across US from 2012 to 2017, the Article offers six compelling questions for the CFO to consider as well as key issues when evaluating your health risk management strategy.
  • Expanding CFO Roundtable format to include both CFO and HR tag-team stories and organizational dynamics
  • Series of Roundtables for 2017: DC, Tampa, Dallas, St. Louis, and Oldsmar, FL
  • Planning future events in other ACHRM markets