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To provide employers leading-edge healthcare cost containment and health risk management strategies in a collaborative Think Tank environment offering workshops, roundtables, webinars, pilots, case studies, along with strategic initiative teams to advance the development and implementation of innovative methodologies.  Offer assessment, solutions, and implementation services for our employers seeking assistance in more effectively evaluating their specific challenges and struggling to implement solutions.


The Association for Corporate Health Risk Management (ACHRM) Members are predominantly professionals who are responsible for managing health risks and containing healthcare costs for their organizations (for-profit, not-for-profit, foundations, and public entities) ranging in size up to 30,000 employees or members. These professionals include CEOs, CFOs, COOs, HR Directors, Risk/Benefit Managers, Wellness Directors, Medical Directors, Informatics, Safety / Facilities Mangers, among other professionals.

In addition to our employers, ACHRM’s community includes best-in-class, disruptive solution providers, national thought leaders, and leading-edge health insurance and other consultants, who offer ideas, experiences, and strategies to assist us in fulfilling our Mission.  These memberships and sponsorships are only granted on a select basis.

ACHRM also values relationships with other membership-based organizations and trade associations.  ACHRM has offered panels and other collaborative efforts at conferences and other events.  These groups have also participated in ACHRM’s Strategic Initiatives.


The following table provides an overview of ACHRM’s Community:


Membership Type



Individual Employer Membership


Corporate Employer Membership (*)


Coalition Membership (coalition leadership + employer members)


Individual Consultant Membership (health insurance, PBM, wellness, etc.)


Strategic Partners


Sponsor Partners (Regional)


Sponsor Partners (National)


(*) Corporate Employer Membership offers multiple memberships within the same organization



Engage forward-thinking, innovative and committed select health insurance brokers, consultants, and medical travel facilitators throughout the US to assist with advancing ACHRM’s Mission.  To enable these influential professionals to most effectively engage with ACHRM’s community, ACHRM shall offer a membership to an individual broker / consultants as follows, whom we anticipate will collaborate on ACHRM events with these professionals.

As a result of our 2019 Executive Summit, ACHRM is launching a new model leveraging ACHRM’s Executive Teams and Education events to produce education and solution development.  We’re not just talking about the problems, we’re developing solutions! Our platform provides direct support for employers, through readiness audits, education, and step by step implementation support. 

In response to the challenges of our Employer community to manage healthcare costs, ACHRM now offers three new pathways to empower employers to take control of their healthcare costs and manage risk.  As reflected in the table below, these “levels” provide guidance and services along with one-on-one support to implement solutions developed during ACHRM events or within our Executive Teams.  Building upon ACHRM’s education and solution development efforts (Levels One and Two), ACHRM has added the following (Levels Three-Five):

  1. Empowering Employer Strategic Assessment / Executive Summary (Recommendations)
  2. Menu of Solutions
  3. Implementation Services   

 *Our enhanced model not only benefits our Employer Members, but it also provides greater opportunities for our Consultant Members and Sponsor Partners. 



Member Benefits


*Attend collaborative education events (think tank workshops, roundtables, and webinars); access ACHRM’s white papers, pilots, case studies, newsletter, IT solution, or other resources.  Learn from your peers who have implemented solutions.


*Employer members seeking engagement beyond Level One may join an existing Executive Team (below), participate in Monthly Board of Advisor planning meetings and ACHRM’s Annual Planning Summit.

1.  Employer Provider Partnerships (includes Captive Consortiums, Onsite-Nearsite Employer Clinics)

2.  Total Worker Health & Data Analytics

3.  Educating & Engaging Your CEO

4.  Telemedicine

5.  Demystifying PBM & Optimizing Your Rx Strategy

6.  Healthcare Cost Containment for Municipalities and Schools (includes Non-Profits and Foundations)

7.  Consultant Membership Committee


Empowering Employer Strategic Assessment: questionnaire assessing strategies and identifying areas of impact.  Results are reported in an Executive Summary offering recommendations and solutions from our menu of solutions. [Additional fee: $2,500]

Empowers Employer Members to pursue one of the following three pathways:

1.)  Assess current strategies and offer recommendations, but you’re not ready to pursue.

2.)  Implement solutions on a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) basis. 

3.) Implement solutions engaging ACHRM’s Implementation team. 


*Build an Individualized Plan with Menu of Solutions: to address Employer challenges, reflected in the Executive Summary.  Employers may choose multiple solutions to be integrated into their individualized plan and may choose to continue to Level Five. Suggested solutions: Data Analytics tool, evaluating market pricing and components, direct contracting with medical providers, etc.


Implementation Services: step-by-step support from ACHRM’s implementation team based upon recommendations within the Executive Summary. This offers employers options of turn-key solution(s).  Employer members will be able to implement a solution without struggling to piece together solution providers.  The Employer may select to utilize ACHRM’s assembled Implementation Team to execute the strategy developed within their individualized plan.


Market Outreach / Chapters:

ACHRM is growing rapidly across the US.  However, to most efficiently create a venue for collaboration, ACHRM has organized regional Chapters, which enable employers an opportunity to meet with their peers and collaborate on local health risk management issues.  Since launching its first Chapter in June 2012, ACHRM has several hundred professionals in its community and offered over 40 events in 2018 across a wide range of regional markets including Philadelphia, Dallas/Ft. Worth, Washington, D.C., Tampa, Pittsburgh, Hartford, Atlanta, Denver, among many others. 


Membership Value Proposition:

  1. Exclusive to one professional per market
  2. Collaborate with other like-minded professionals, predominantly employers, including CEOs, CFOs, COOs, HR Directors, Risk/Benefit Managers, Wellness Directors, Medical Directors, Safety / Facilities Manager, and other professionals
  3. Access to Members-Exclusive Library archiving events, white papers, case studies, and other resources
  4. Learn about disruptive technologies and innovative methodologies
  5. Join in Executive Teams/Strategic Initiatives for action-ready employers and other professionals
  6. Participate in ACHRM’s Monthly Board of Advisor meetings and Annual Strategic Planning Summit

Membership application submission:

  • Please select your membership investment below to complete and submit your application. 
For questions and more information, please contact Kayne D. Kleinpeter, ACHRM Membership Director, at [email protected]

Membership Monthly Investment: $183.33


Membership Annual Investment: $2,000