Healthcare Cost Containment Challenges of Not For Profit (NFP) / Foundations

Mission: Identify the unique Healthcare cost containment and health risk management challenges that NFP/Foundations entities face and develop solutions.Obamacare and resulting higher costs has put many of these organizations viability in jeopardy.
Co-Chairs: Felicia Smith, John Templeton Foundation
Pamela Autrey, American College of Emergency Physicians
Last / Next Meeting: September 26, 2017
Team: TBD
Special Projects or
other efforts:
The following two major initiatives underway:


  1. NFP employee wellness pilot– strategy to launch and progress NFP hospital's corporate wellness programs and build relationships with area NFP entities.  While we have been successful in identifying NFP hospitals and networks of NFP entities, our efforts have not yielded the same parties in a given market.
  2. Trade Association Relationships - an opportunity introduced during ACHRM's 2017 Annual Strategic Planning session, ACHRM is exploring providing education to trade associations.  While there are 1,000s of trade associations in the US, the Team has been interviewing trade associations to assess the possible demand for ACHRM's education.
Events In development, dependent upon the outcomes of the aforementioned Special Projects.