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Congratulations to ELAP Services on their Employer Bill of Rights Campaign! ACHRM Sponsor Partner, Steve Kelly, ELAP Services promotes ELAP Services' Employer Bill of Rights Campaign during an interview on the Greg and Dan Show on 1470 AM recorded on Friday, September 14th.  
Two contributors to ACHRM’s Onsite / Nearsite Employer Clinic Executive Team efforts, Flip Steinour, Human Resources Director, Lancaster-Lebanon IU 13, and Bev Helkey, Executive Director, Employers Healthcare Coalition, have generated positive results for both an onsite and two nearsite clinics, respectively.  Our case study describes the challenge each organization faced, the solution implemented, and their results. The Challenge IU13 is an educational service agency (public school under Pennsylvania law), which supports 22 school districts across
Case Studies
Shared from the 2018-06-30 The Denver Post eEdition CASE OF “REASONABLE” HOSPITAL BILLS Due back payment put in the forefront Jury’s ruling in favor of patient sued for $229K stirs debate By Christopher N. Osher The Denver Post Lisa French, outside her Thornton house last week, said she was told by hospital officials prior to her 2014 spinal-fusion surgery that after her insurance kicked in, she would owe just $1,336, of which she immediately paid
ACHRM is growing rapidly across the US.  However, to most efficiently create a venue for collaboration, ACHRM has organized regional Chapters, which enable employers an opportunity to meet with their peers and collaborate on local health risk management issues.  Since launching its first Chapter in June 2012, ACHRM has several hundred professionals in its community and anticipates offering 50 events during 2017 across a wide range of regional markets, including Philadelphia, Dallas/Ft. Worth, Washington, D.C.,
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Affordable Care Act- "Staffing Strategies to Save $$$ Under the ACA" Webinar December, 10, 2014 at 12:00PM EST. By Alden Bianchi, Esquire, nationally recognized speaker and author on the ACA.  This Webinar is courtesy of the Protocall Group for members of ACHRM.  See Event Flyer ... Let us help your business learn ways to reduce the costs of ACA with 100% compliant staffing strategies vetted by Alden Bianchi, a nationally recognized author and speaker on the
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