Alternative Solutions to Traditional PPO’s

Mission: Educate the marketplace on the benefits and opportunities of self-insuring with a TPA vs. an Insurance Carrier, including outlier provisions, claim code triggers, no real time audits, limited data flow, etc.  Targeting states/markets with dominated by insurance carriers, e.g., NJ (southern), PA, OH, IN, IL, IA, MI, FL, GA.  These efforts will also assist with optimizing your self-funded strategy and transitioning from fully-insured to self-funding.
Co-Chairs: David West, Group and Pension Administrators
Last / Next Meeting: October 09, 2017 / TBA
Current Team Members:
  1. Don Barbuto, Centurion Group
  2. Roy Fazio, ProtoCall Group
  3. Vince Maromonte, HUB International
Special Projects or
other efforts:
  • Developing list of comparative list of services of TPA vs. ASO
  • Collaborating with Public Entities Executive Team on their Nov 14th webinar
Events Inaugural event completed - Oct 9th Panel at Princeton HRMA, "Optimizing Your Self-funded Strategy," which shall include Team Members, Don Barbuto and Roy Fazio


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