Broker/Consultant Membership Recruitment

Mission: Recruit and qualify 10 to 20 forward thinking, innovative brokers, consultants and medical travel facilitators throughout the US to assist ACHRM in expanding its geographic reach and employer connectivity.  To avoid competition among these professionals, ACHRM will limit one member per market (with the exception of Atlanta/Georgia).
Co-Chairs: David West, Group & Pension Administrators
Don Barburto, Centurion Group 
Current Team Members:
Broker/Consultant Market Joint Events
Armando Polanco
San Antonio, TX In process
Tony Mahon/Greg D’Orazio New Jersey NJLOM Collaboration
Don Barbuto Philadelphia, PA 12/6 CFO/HR Roundtable
Scott Labrecque Lancaster, PA In process
Vince Maromonte Pittsburgh, PA In process
Mark Kaczmarek Tampa & Orlando, FL Aug 16th CFO-HR Roundtable
How We Are Driving Change
  • Atlanta, Georgia Model
    Allow three brokers to join covering Atlanta and GA, outlined below:


    1. Sole proprietor (e.g., Carl Schuessler)
    2. Regional firm, such as Edward Smith, who attended our DC event
    3. Representative from a national firm (Woody recommended several names)
  • Vet potential new broker members based on their understanding of non-BUCA opportunities and their willingness to be an active participant in ACHRM related events.


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