Direct to Employer Contracting

Mission: Because healthcare is not a free market in the US where the buyer and seller of services know the price at the time of transaction, direct relationships between healthcare providers ("sellers") and Employers ("buyers") can be a powerful first step. While direct relationships offer price transparency and more predictable cash flow for providers and Employers, these relationships also opens the door to new opportunities, such as steerage, new services, and other strategic benefits. Direct to Employer Contracting is a methodology that ACHRM began developing early in its history. Initially, we identified seven critical phases, which has laid foundation for the Road Map project this team is developing, which will be a valuable tool for buyers, sellers, and consultants to develop and implement Direct to Employer Contracting.
Co-Chairs: Mary Seery, Cancer Treatment Centers of America;
Elizabeth Litten, Fox Rothschild
Last / Next Meeting: October 26, 2017
Current Team Members:
  1. Jessica Forbes Olson, Fox Rothschild
  2. Margie Davino, Fox Rothschild
  3. Denise Bloch, Sandberg Phoenix & Von Gontard P.C.
Special Projects or other efforts:  Create Road Map:


  • Provide the employer the basics of Direct Contracting.
  • Tool kit will provide resources for the employer.
  • Vet the resource using up to four ACHRM employers which will engage in Direct Contracting process. These employers will be part of a case study and (if interested), part of a national speaking circuit.
  • Three live provider-employer case studies underway
Events  Planning a Roundtable / Webinar to rollout the new Road Map.


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