Educating & Engaging the CFO

Mission: To more effectively connect with CFOs and Financial Professionals, CFO Roundtables offer interactive Boardroom type format limited to +/-20 attendees. Will involve the CFO’s advisory team, including accountants/auditors, investment/commercial bankers, attorneys, etc.
Co-Chairs: Curry Willix, Medical Travel Option / Bill Lacy, ACHRM
2017 Recap
  • Offered eight Roundtables
  • Determined CFO-HR “tag-teams” more effective having up to three live team stories at sessions
  • Continued building relationship with BDO. Coauthored article, CFOs, Are You Asking the Right Questions Healthcare Cost Containment? Offering six questions to initiate discussions at Roundtables:
  1. Applying same due diligence to your healthcare planning as other vendors
  2. What role do your Trusted Advisors play in your organizations healthcare cost containment?
  3. Why is the traditional PPT model ineffective for containing your organization’s healthcare costs?
  4. Do you understand the benefits of an independent TPA?
  5. Have you considered direct relationships with providers?
  6. Are you frustrated that your wellness strategy isn’t generating 3.0-9.0X ROI that many vendors propose?
Team: Josh Ayers, BDO
2018 Proposed plans / strategies / objectives
  • Effective model to open discussions, but needs more planning for each Chapter, i.e., two to four events in 2018 per Chapter.
  • Consider more specific topics, such as, “Referenced-based Pricing” for St. Louis in March.
  • Continue to use ACHRM-BDO article as guide for Roundtable discussion.
  • Expand Executive Team:
    • Continue growing relationship with BDO
    • Inviting other external trusted advisors, e.g., bankers, private equity, attorneys, etc.
  • Recruit six to ten CFOs and his / her internal support team, such as Director of Finance, Controller, HR and other professionals supporting the CFO.
Summit discussion / collaboration points
  • How to achieve aforementioned 2018 plans?
    • What educational topics? More specific? Same for each market?
    • What markets? Two to four sessions?
    • How to expand the Executive Team?
    • How to recruit more CFO-HR tag team stories and Roundtable participants?
  • Special projects?
  • Consider other factors identified in Article:
    • Fiscal (Budget) year vs. insurance renewal date; Organizational or cultural issues
    • CFO’s shorter tenure
    • CFO vs. HR’s experience with self-funding
    • CFO focuses on revenues and EBITDA and less on number of employees
  • HI broker / consultant may not be a trusted advisor to CFO


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