Educating & Engaging the CFO and Other Financial Professionals

Mission: To more effectively connect with CFOs and Financial Professionals, CFO Roundtables offer interactive Boardroom type format limited to +/-20 attendees. Will involve the CFO’s advisory team, including accountants/auditors, investment/commercial bankers, attorneys, etc.
Co-Chairs: Curry Willix, Medical Travel Option / Bill Lacy, ACHRM
Team: Josh Ayers, BDO
Bernie Heer, Frenkel Benefits
David West, Group & Pension Administrators
  • Merging Educating and Engaging the CFO and Alternative Solutions to Traditional PPO’s (Optimizing Your Self-Funded Strategy/Transitioning from Fully-Insured to Self-Funding)
  • Holley Maher and Pete Shemetulskis’ prep Roundtable event and Survey strategy to generate market connectivity (Survey Questions:  Name, Company/Role, Number of Employees, Self-Funded/Fully-funded, Topics of Interest)
  • Upcoming CFO-HR Roundtables
    • March 21
    • March 29
    • April 10 or 12
    • May 17th  Marine Max Yacht Cruise 6p-8p

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