Optimizing Rx Strategy & Demystifying Pharmacy Benefits Management

Mission: Offer a unique, turn-key Pharmacy benefit solution, built on the ACHRM mission of market disaggregation for the purpose of greater market management and control over the pharmacy benefit cost and clinical management.
Co-Chairs: Rob Shelley, Gateway Health Partners
2017 Recap  
Current Team Members: TBA
2018 Proposed plans / strategies / objectives
  • Test market ACHRM dis-aggregation seminars on “Build your own virtual PBM”, in Austin and San Antonio, Texas, to include Medical and Pharmacy. Discussion to include a summary of the market dynamics, conflicts and solutions applied successfully similar to Nevada.
  • ACHRM and local Business Collaborative Sponsored seminars on pharmaceutical influence on cost and drug management and what can be done to manage.
  • ACHRM's 2nd Annual Employer Track @ WHCC panel suggestions, and suggested project (e.g., White Paper, Pilot, Case Study, etc.)
  • Dis-aggregation seminar on “Build your own virtual PBM in light of market consolidation and leverage.”
Summit discussion / collaboration points  


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