Total Worker Health & Data Analysis

Mission: Identify best in class methods for implementing and advancing employer Total Worker Health. Evaluate Data Analytic tools to assist with tracking and managing employee TWH.
Co-Chairs: Kathy Brady, CMB Health, Inc.
Barbara Fahmy
Last / Next Meeting: Nov 14, 2017 / Nov 28, 2017
Current Team Members:
  1. Felicia Smith, The John Templeton Foundation
  2. Don Barbuto, Centurion Group
  3. Chia-Chia Chang, NIOSH
  4. Charles Yarborough, CY Health Associates
  5. Debby Neel, Memorial Health
  6. Ken Lacy, ACHRM
  7. Paul Coty
Special Projects or
other efforts:
Co-Chairs have joined Onsite / Near site Team’s white Paper project.
Team meeting updates:
  • Being able to navigate through available data, obtain reliable data, and use it to minimize costs and maximize usefulness.
  • Request for informal "chat line" on ACHRM website so that members can discuss data challenges, share stories, help one another, and Data Analytics Team offer guidance.
  • Be able to provide a Resource Guide on helping employers with a basic understanding of various data issues:  such as "what is good data?"  "what is a data ware house?”. Dealing with missing data, foundational data, and how can it be applied. Including navigation through challenges of price transparency.  A provoking paper with stories or case studies. A Resource Guide could then be used be participants for vendor presentations. Review other guides out there that will give us a starting point or utilize to fit our needs.
  • Discussed states in which employers are able to direct care (NJ) is one.
  • Discussed high value of a data collection and analysis solution to merging occupational  health and safety with wellness.
MFA Collaboration opportunities: Leveraging EHC & LBGHApril 12 & 13th: Central Regional meeting - Indiana / Indianapolis MFA Event


February 22 & 23rd: South Regional meeting - LA event

ACHRM's White Paper

Taking Employer Stories to Capitol Hill

Other ACHRM Projects:
  1. ACHRM Corporate Wellness / TWH 101
  2. ACHRM TWH & Data Analytics – Employer Decision Tool
  3. ACHRM-MFA Employer Wellness Pilot
  4. ACHRM Not-for-Profit Employee Wellness Pilot
  5. ACHRM’s Direct to Employer Contracting “Road Map” Project


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