Total Worker Health & Data Analytics®: Effective Solutions and Data Analytics Executive Team

Mission: Identify best in class methods for implementing and advancing employer Total Worker Health®. Evaluate Data Analytic tools to assist with tracking and managing employee TWH®.
Co-Chairs: Kathy Brady, CMB Health, Inc.
Barbara Fahmy
Current Team Members:
  1. Felicia Smith, The John Templeton Foundation
  2. Don Barbuto, Centurion Group
  3. Chia-Chia Chang, NIOSH
  4. Charles Yarborough, CY Health Associates
  5. Debby Neel, Memorial Health
  6. Ken Lacy, ACHRM
  7. Paul Coty
  8. Matt Holtman, ELAP Services
How We Are Driving Change
  • Recruiting innovative Data Analytics Vendor / National Sponsor Partner to support Employer and all Executive Team needs
  • Identify and evaluate effective TOTAL WORKER HEALTH® methodologies
Summit discussion / collaboration points
  • Feedback and recommendations on 2018 Proposed plans / strategies / objectives
  • Continue growing Executive Team

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