Trumpcare vs Obamacare Benefits for Employers

Mission: To provide updates and strategies for employers as Obamacare matures and Trumpcare gets initiated.
Co-Chairs: Mike Merola, Winning Strategies Washington, D.C.
Elizabeth Litten, Fox Rothschild
Last / Next Meeting: Nov 2, 2017 / Nov 28, 2017
Current Team Members: Molly McDonald, Winning Strategies Washington, D.C.
2017 Recap Offered four webinars beginning December 2016 and about every 90 days thereafter providing updates to Trumpcare / Repeal and Replace updates, and incorporated findings into ACHRM’s Annual Employer Track @ WHCC.


Explored possible synergies with Joel White, Council for Affordable Health Coverage (  Participated in Nov 1st Summit “Bending healthcare cost curve…”

Collaborated with Cheryl Tolbert and Rob Rieger, LBGH to draft plan for 2018, who have experience with LA State and Federal level policy and advocacy experience.

2018 Plans / Objectives Jan 11th conf call: “Taking Employer Stories to Capitol Hill” generated the following plan:


Expand our focus, "Taking Employer Stories to Capitol Hill."  ACHRM brings Businesses, Governments, and Healthcare Providers who are taking an alternative path to avoid going out of business, improve their bond rating, or find a more efficient method to manage healthcare.  Rather than limiting our stories to just "Employers," we expand to For-profit and Not-for-Profit Businesses and Governments, and include the innovative Healthcare Providers that are offering price transparency and partnering directly with Businesses and Governments.  Does the full continuum offer a more powerful story?

Generate support for the aforementioned with a ACHRM Webinar and test the market's receptivity to taking our stories to Capitol Hill.

Next Steps: Develop short survey for ACHRM’s community to get their pulse on DC issues.

Summit discussion / collaboration points
  • Survey questions?
  • DC issues?
  • Possible “asks” for Congress


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