Unique Healthcare Risk Management Needs of Public Entities

Mission: To identify the unique health risk management needs of Municipalities, Labor Unions, School Districts, Colleges/Universities, and other Public Entities, and develop strategies to assist these organizations in containing their healthcare costs and more effectively managing their health risks.
Co-Chairs: Flip Steinour, Lancaster-Lebanon Intermediate Unit #13
George Kelly, Cancer Treatment Centers of America
  1. Trent Sullivan, CMIC Group
  2. Christine Carlson-Glazer & Sue Bonfield, Deborah Heart & Lung Center
  3. Wayne Seybold, ELAP Services
  4. Wayne Blackwell, City of Sherman, TX
  5. Brian Flowerday, SETSEG
How We Are Driving Change
  • STRATEGY: identify and describe the specific problem, identify solutions, and build towards Roundtables (e.g., April 4th Webinar Public Entities Comparing and Contrasting Self-Insuring Using A Major Insurance Carrier VS Engaging an Independent, Non-Insurance Carrier TPA Webinar)
  • Engage FLHCC public entities


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